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How It Works?

1) Choose your favorite products.

2) Go to the shopping cart and confirm your

3) Choose Delivery schedule if you want to get any of the products auto-delivered monthly or every 60,90,120, or 180 days

4) Add shipping info and you can add any discount coupons or use credits you have on this page.

5) Make payment

6) Payments are made using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal using the Paypal payment gateway.What you want, when you want it.

Daily use products, lifestyle essentials & grooming necessities.

Rooster offers your favorite bathroom essentials and will introduce you to new daily use products to get your day started. Avoid running out of your daily use grooming needs by choosing AUTO-DELIVERY on any product and it comes right to your doorstep on the schedule you choose. Our goal is to make sure you always have everything you need to look, feel & smell your best

How To Use a Credit, Gift or Coupon Code

Enter the Credit, Gift or Coupon Code on the Payment page.

Gifts and Credit $ amount will be added to your account and you can apply it at your discretion, right there on the payment page. The un-used balance will remain in your account.

Enter Coupon Codes on the payment page and instantly apply the discount to the products that apply in your cart.

If the Coupon code is a site-wide discount it will apply to all of the products in your cart. If the Coupon code is only for specific categories or products ( example…Haircare or a specific brand of cream) the code will only be applied to products from that category or that specific product IF they are in your cart. If you do not have a product from that category or the specific product in your cart, the code will show no discount. If you want to store your codes or credits for later use, If not already a member and logged in, register as a user in the MEMBER center. Once logged in click on ADD COUPON, CREDIT OR GIFT CODE. Enter the code and it will be stored for you to come back and get the code later. You can see all the codes you have added in MY COUPON LIST.

CREDITS will be applied to your account balance immediately and remain in your account until used at your discretion.

COUPONS AND CREDITS can both be applied on the Payment page..

When Will I Receive My Delivery?

Your order will leave our warehouse in about 2 business days from the day you order. It should take 3-5 days shipping to reach the final destination. If you have set Auto Delivery on any products you will receive your future recurring monthly deliveries on or about the same day as the monthly anniversary of the initial delivery.

What does shipping cost?

Shipping Rates


  • Spend over $50 and get free shipping.

Make your selections and they are automatically added to your Cart as a ONE-TIME purchase. In the Shopping Cart you can select a delivery schedule to get AUTO-DELIVERY of products you know you need to every month, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days. AUTO-DELIVERY is over a 12 month period. (example… Choose 30 Day delivery and get it every month for 12 months, Choose 60 Day and receive it every other month over a 12 month period, etc…)

What Products Do You Have?

We carry over 200 products from over 80 brands. Visit our shop to see a brands list and each product we carry.

Our Website
Refund / Return Policy

Send us an email to [email protected]. Put “Refund or Return” in the Subject line.

Tell us what went wrong.

We will determine whether you need return the products you received, credit your account or refund the payment to your credit card and will email you back.

If its our error we will pay for the shipping return and will make this determination after we receive the email request.

We can accept returns of unopened and factory sealed items.

For any damaged upon arrival items, please photograph the item, clearly showing the damage to the item and the shipping box or envelope.

Unfortunately, because most of what we sell are personal care products and sanitary requirements, due to various State laws we cannot accept a return of opened or used products.

Refunds are usually completed within 24hrs of receiving the returned items.

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